The Media Is Chasing Cara Delevingne Because She's Going Through Something Is Beyond Mess

Cara Delevingne

There's been an enormous emphasis in recent years on combating the stigma surrounding mental health which is great to observe, however, the treatment of celebrities going through it is in need of a major overhaul.

There are numerous examples of this, such as Kanye West as well as Britney Spears, and recently an unsettling video of Cara Delevingne's has been making rounds.

After video footage of Cara acting in a manner that was described by the media as her, "erratic" at LA airport was made public There have been a plethora of stories about the model's current situation.

One newspaper blatantly released a headline that echoed her fans' suspicions of her being "on drugs", while other publications reached out to people who claimed that her family is planning to hold an intervention to address those who are a "struggling model."

There have even been reports that have documented her troubled past and analyzed how she changed from being a sought-after fashion model, actress and a "drug abuser" as if it were a fashion gallery for the cover of a glossy magazine.

The most recent story is the most exciting paparazzi were spotted in front of her home and took pictures of their friend Margot Robbie who was a bit unhappy after having a visit with her.

We treat them as fictional film characters and snack on popcorn as we watch them spin, and we're not aware that there's an individual behind this "viral footage" who's clearly experiencing something.