how to use Facebook on apple watch series 6

Rahul Jangid
Rahul Jangid December 17, 2021
Updated 2021/12/31 at 10:49 AM
Facebook on apple watch series 6

How to use Facebook on apple watch series 6, Facebook for apple watch, facebook apple watch app? If you are looking for an easy way to use Facebook on your apple watch series 6

 Facebook on apple watch series 6
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then you have come to the right place. Previously it was impossible but now If your apple watch series is 6 or later with watchOs5 then it is possible to run Facebook in your apple watch. Facebook has not provided any type of facility or app for the apple watch series. However, there is some way to access your FB account in your apple watch series 6.

Here is the way to use Facebook in your apple watch series 6 SE:

  • Step 1 Sign in with your mail Id in both your Apple iPhone and your apple watch sync them
  • Step 2 Now open Safari browser in your iPhone and just type
  • Step 3 Tap to copy the link and send it to yourself via email or you can save the link in your email draft
  • Step 4 As you open your mailbox just click on the link and you will get the Facebook login screen 
  • Step 5 Just sign in using your Facebook account Id and password and if have set two-factor authentication then just send the code to your iPhone and enter. You have done it.

There is also a simple way to use Facebook in your apple watch

  1. On your paired iPhone, just go to in settings then Notification
  2. Find Facebook and tap on into it
  3. You need to allow Notifications in the Notification center
  4. And now open the Watch app, open the notification option
  5. Go down and find facebook
  6. And finally, enable the toggle button to access the notifications on the smartwatch

But there are some limitations in the Apple Watch Series 6 for example You can like and also comment on posts, but as you have to dictate or draw it, you might not be able to write long comments but you can do short and simple comments. 

How to get Facebook on Apple Watch Series 6

Share the link via email to run FB in apple watch series 6 on your apple watch series 6 and open that link through Safari browser and you will be able to run Facebook

How to install Facebook on Apple Watch

You can run it on Facebook on Apple Watch, although you cannot store it and run it, through the Safari web browser, you can open it from the link and easily access it.

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