The Queen’s corgis are grieving her loss: here’s how they can recover

krish September 20, 2022
Updated 2022/09/20 at 12:04 AM
Queen’s corgis are grieving her loss

You’ve likely seen the heart-wrenching photo of the corgis of the Queen, Muick and Sandy, appearing depressed during the time of her funeral.

Like many of us in the time that Queen Elizabeth II passed away, maybe your first question was: “what is happening to the dogs? What happens to her dogs?

We’re often at risk of adopting the form of our pets, but the reality is that in this particular instance, there’s a good chance that corgis will suffer from the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.


Queen’s corgis are grieving her loss

A recent study discovered that dogs experience similar grief as we do. The study across Italy focused on the responses to grief for both owners and dogs using the validated online “Mourning Dog questionnaire.”
The survey was taken with the help of four26 Italian adults who owned at minimum two dogs. One was lost while the other one was alive.

Based on the answers of the owner the dog who survived was altered in both actions and feelings following the passing of the companion dog.

The research revealed that dogs can exhibit emotional reactions and grief-related behavior in the event of a
death of a pet.

Although the study only looked at dog pals, dogs may have similar reactions after losing their own too.
A dog’s symptoms could be experiencing

grief include hiding, cowering, a shift in appetite, sudden indications of aggression and irritability and anxiety-related reactions to their routine.

Queen’s corgis are grieving her loss
Queen’s corgis are grieving her loss

When dogs are stressed they exhibit a variety of physical symptoms, based on the trigger”, say the experts in pet wellness Miracle Leaf.

These include hiding, cowering and shaking, groaning or whining. These
are indications of anger, aggression, and an inability to pay attention to food.

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