PUBG Mobile Lite 2nd Anniversary Update Leaks

Rahul Jangid
Rahul Jangid June 4, 2021
Updated 2021/12/31 at 10:49 AM

PUBG Mobile Lite is the version for low-featured devices, developed from the parent app PUBG Mobile. However, it has only limited features and maps. Since it releases the popularity is going high and increasing a huge fan basis.

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If you check, the PUBG Mobile Lite 0.21.0 update the game developers doesn’t add any new content in the game. They dissatisfy the PUBG Lite lovers. Now, the players have more intentions on the Anniversary update.


The PUBG Lite is completing their Second Anniversary on 25th July 2021. So, it is expecting the developers will release a new update on this special event.

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PUBG Mobile Lite 2nd Anniversary Leaks

The new update will be releasing the next month. However, there is no news from the officials on the exact release date. But before release a global update, the developers will provide a beta version for testing.

A few days back, a 715MB size new update rolled out in the PUBG Mobile Lite Beta version. With this update the version of the update altered to 0.21.6, except this one there is no other new content available.

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The developers added some in-game files, which is related to the upcoming update. The data miners obtained the added information in the game and revealed them. As of now, all the available leaks of PUBG Lite 2nd Anniversary are given below

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