How To Unban BGMI I’d with App and Script In 2021

Aditya August 7, 2021
Updated 2022/01/29 at 12:55 AM
How to unban bgmi account

How To Unban BGMI id with App and Script: In this article, we are going to discuss how we can Unban ID of BGMI and how to bring back the BGMI id (10 Year ban) in content, If you want to know this, then this article has to start from the beginning to the end.

How to unban 10 years ban Id of BGMI: Ever since BGMI was launched in India, many rules and regulations have been imposed inside BGMI.  Due to which BGMI ID is being ban for 10 years even on small mistakes inside BGMI. Many players are getting very upset to get their (Bgmi) id unban With the help of today’s article, you will be able to know very easily how to get the BGMI ban account back for 10 years.

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you will also get to know why your account is ban inside BGMI or if you have used a hack somewhere, will your account be unban or not and if you have not made any mistake and  your account is still banned, then how to get that account unbanned in BGMI.


Why bgmi id  banned for 10 years

According to new rules and regulations of BGMI. There are many reasons for banned account in bgmi some are here.

  • If you use any kind of hack, then your bgmi id is banned for 10 years.
  •  Even if you play with any hecker, then your account will be banned for 10 years.
  •  If you accidentally enter the match with a hacker, then your account will be banned.
  •  If somewhere you abuse someone and even if they report it, your account will be closed.
  •  Even if you kill your teammates, your account will be closed.

How to unban10 years ban id in bgmi 

If your BGMI ID is ban due to hacking, then no one will be able to open your ID and your ID can never be unban before 10 years.

 But if somewhere your Bgmi id is ban for some other reason then you will be able to unban your Bgmi ID by following all these steps.

Step 1. First of all you have to go inside Gmail ID.

Step 2. After that you have to enter your email I’d inside From and official email I’d of karfton company inside To.

How to unban 10 years ban Id of BGMI

Step 3. After that you have to send your problem and your BGMI ID inside the subject.

How to unban 10 years ban Id of BGMI

With this method , your Bgmi ban id will not be able to be unbanned for 10 years, but if your BGMI ID is banned for any other reason, then by following all these steps, your ID will definitely come back.

How to unban bgmi banned account with apk?

It is not possible to unban the account of any game from any other 3rd party Apk and App and by doing this your account may be unbanned, it will be better to feedback your problem in in game help.

How to unban bgmi banned account with Script?

It is not possible to unban the account through scripts, better you go to the help options inside these games or email and enter your request so that your account can be processed as soon as possible

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