How to Study Smartly-Follow these tips to study in a better way

Zain Khan
Zain Khan December 31, 2021
Updated 2021/12/31 at 9:10 PM
How to study smartly

In this article today we will see how to study smartly and how can we learn anything faster how can we make better notes, how to study, and the most important part is how to memorize things easily. In this article, we will talk about various types of reading and memorizing technic so that we will not have to put too much effort while studying. So read this article till the end and you will learn how to learn anything faster


How to read a topic-How to learn anything faster

If I will talk about reading then it must be so effective so that our brain can easily understand the topic and help us to stay in the flow of reading. Choose a concept to learn select a topic you’re interested in learning about and write it at the top of a blank page in a notebook.

You can follow the POMODORO technic. This technic is based on time bounding technic. Set a timer of 15 minutes and start reading without any distraction and take a break of 5 minutes. Again start it for 30 minutes and take 10 minutes rest in this way you can stay with your topic and your brain will never feel boring. By doing this we can study as long (in hours) as we want without feeling tired and boring.

How to Memorize

For memorizing as we know that with the help of repetition we can easily remember a concept, but when our syllabus is vast then it is quite difficult to repeat the whole syllabus in less time so what you will do now is start teaching to yourself or someone else. “The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.”–Richard Feynman

Return to the source material if you get stuck:-

If you are facing any problem like you have forgotten what you have learned don’t worry go to the source material and watch it once again.

Now Just simplify your explanations and create your own analogies:-

Every field of study has its own specialized terms. While it may be important to know them, but it’s also important to not confused about your learning.

For notes making we are not here to talk about old note-making technic, I’m gonna give you the best notes making technic that is mind mapping.

How to Make Notes

Mind mapping is an easy way to brainstorm and visualize any concepts or any topic. In mind mapping, We organize our idea in graphical and diagram check here for more info about mind mapping)

If you have any doubts while studying. you are not getting the answer to any question then you can take advantage of the internet and You can also understand by Google, Platform or YouTube video


  • Follow the POMODORO technic.
    1. Choose a concept ot learn
    2. Teach it to yourself or someone else
    3. Return to the souce material if you get stuck
    4. Simplify your explanations and creates anologies

    Help gathering information use platforms like Google and Youtube

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