Britain’s swans get new owner with royal succession

krish September 14, 2022
Updated 2022/09/14 at 11:34 PM
Britain's swans get new owner with royal succession

Britain’s swans get new owner with royal succession – WINDSOR Swans swimming around the curves in the River Thames and delighting visitors along the riverbanks of Britain get a new home.
Following the death of his mom Elizabeth, Queen Elizabeth, the country’s new monarch Charles is the new monarch of Britain. Charles has been given many of the country’s swans.

“The King has the right to take any swan that swims in the open water, without marking if he wishes to,” David Barber, who Queen Elizabeth employed for more than 30 years as her Swan marker, said to Reuters this morning.
“Not all Swans belong to King. If he wants to take them for himself, it is possible, under being the monarch’s prerogative,” declared Barber, the King’s mark swan. He refused to estimate the number of swans owned by the monarch.

The swans’ ownership is a tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages and is considered a culinary delight.
“Swans were an important food source at the time and were served at banquets and dinners, primarily for the rich,” said Barber.


“As time passed, various people owned Swans. The crown granted these people the right to be the owners of them. They also had young cygnets. They could fatten them to be used for Christmas dinners. Today, the swans don’t eat, and this is an exercise in conservation and education,” said Barber.
The monarch is the owner of the beautiful white mute swans, along with the ancient business associations, whose swans bear their distinctive marks.

In his 30-year tenure as the monarch’s swan marker, Barber met Queen Elizabeth numerous times on official and non-official occasions.
Barber wearing an emerald coat and the swan feather that adorns his hat, was given the Royal Victorian Order by the Queen in 2014.

“She was a wonderful person. It was easy to get along with her quite well. She also took enormous attention to all wildlife, not just Swans too,” he said.

He said he was hoping Charles would follow in his footsteps.
“He’s passionate about conservation and all sorts of things. It’s amazing for us too. Therefore, we hope he’ll take an interest in the Swan population. This will allow us to do the job.”

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