BGMI Lite Coming Soon? Krafton replied on bgmi lite

sneha pal
sneha pal August 29, 2021
Updated 2021/12/31 at 10:48 AM

BGMI Lite Release Soon? Krafton replied on bgmi lite After coming to BGMI, Pubg Mobile Lite also likes the player as much as the same before Ban used to be expected to come to BGMI Lite, Krafton Replied on BGMI Lite and now Battleground Mobile i.e. has been given an official reply from the side of Covers, read below.

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Krafton replies via email for BGMI Lite

We really appreciate your interest in the BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA Lite but as of now, we do not have any update on the Lite version. However, we will consider this as a suggestion and forward it to the concerned team.we will keep our players informed on further developments.

If there is any news related to bgmi lite update like when the game will be launched, when it is going to come, he will tell all this on his social media.


What Is Official E-mail address Of Kroften (BGMI)

You can answer questions about bgmi lite to him through this email, and if you contact him about bgmi lite, then there will be more and more chances that you will get an auto-mail reply which is from Kroften.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Kroften
Email (Contact)

will bgmi lite come?

Yes, talking to pubg mobile lite development company on behalf of kroften is being said to convey this, And Kroften is also very interested to get access to bring Bgmi lite in future.

When will bgmi lite launch?

Regarding this matter when bgmi lite will be launched, he has said that if any news update related to bgmi lite comes, then we will keep our social media handles about that. So follow their social media handles –

Official social media network sites for further news!

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